About Us: Home Care in [Your Service Area]

Our mission at [Your Organization] is to provide your relative with skilled, loving caregivers so you can be relieved of worry and spend your time enjoying your family.

[Your Organization] was established in [Date Founded] and has since grown to {***describe your company history here***}

{Can add vision and core values if you want or make that a separate topic}

Our Founder: {***Name of Founder***}

[Your Organization] was started in [Date Founded] by {***Your Founder***} who felt there was a lack of top quality home care in [Your Service Area].

{***Give information about the founder’s background, degrees, etc. This is the bragging page. Go for it! ***}

{***Go on to tell the story of why the company was opened. Don’t be afraid to share your heart and the personal motivation, e.g., caring for a parent…***}

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Locations we serve

We are pleased to be the premier home care provider in [Your Service Area], serving

  • {***List the communities you serve here.
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Our Caregivers

The heart of our caring rests with the knowledgeable and loving caregivers we send into your home. Only the very best make it through our rigorous screening process. See for yourself! Meet some of our caregivers and hear their stories. You will see why we hired them!

cCarmenCarmen: “What I like about [Your Organization] is that they are always encouraging us to learn. They have a newsletter every month with information to help family caregivers. We on the staff read it too, because the family is part of our care as well. I learn something new every month, and over time, it really builds up. I feel proud of my work and what I do to help our clients and their families.”


cLeonLeon: “I grew up taking care of my grandfather. He was a big man. And he got to the point where he couldn’t walk very well on his own. My Mama needed my help. He just weighed too much for her to handle. Plus, it just worked out better for me to give him bath and shave him. I learned a lot from my grandfather. I respect what the elders have to teach us. When I’m not at work, I garden. I also spend time with my own grandkids. ”


cTanyaTamika: “I’m going to college to become a nurse. Working for [Your Organization], I feel like I get to do what I love, which is take care of people. Our company does a really good job of matching us to the clients. They pay attention to people who have similar interests. Like me, I love to sing. So if we have any clients who like music, they pair them with me. We always find music we can enjoy together.”

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The Administrative Team

President: {***Name, and what he/she does in terms of on-boarding clients, staying on top of latest developments, using technology to improve care, arranging for training, staying in touch with the local community, etc.***}

Caregiver Coordinator: {***Name***} is in charge of hiring and training our caregivers. She assists with the matching of caregivers and clients and is the one to handle all scheduling of caregivers to the home.

Receptionist: {***Name***}. We feel that our care begins from the very first moment you call us. That’s why we are delighted to have {***Name***} answering the phones. Her cheerful manner and can-do approach are just the beginning of the high quality care and assistance you will receive from [Your Organization].

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Awards and Memberships

When we say we provide top quality care, you don’t have to take our word for it. We are proud to be the recipients of the Best of Home Care Provider of Choice award. Based on feedback from clients, this third party evaluator gave us their top rating. That speaks volumes about our caregivers and our commitment to quality.

To stay abreast of current developments in our field, we stay actively involved in the following organizations:

  • Home Care Association of America
  • Aging Life Care Association
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce
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